Wednesday, January 20, 2010

bnst conditions

Good News Cross Country Skiers
This is the perfect day to enjoy a ski!
We have received over 38"" of snow so far this season
and it is grooming out very nice. Our base held out excellent through the warm spell. Ski conditions are superb.
Machine Groomed - powder - packed powder surface
50 km open - 22 km classical - 30km skate
Our scenic and simple river side trails are open and freshly groomed. East
Albany Brook Trail Network, Experimental Forest Trails, Our 10 km village loop,
Trail #42 freshly groomed early today. Trails to Grand Summit Hotel and through to Attitash MT Village are open and are being freshly groomed today.
Come find out why our skiers are so impressed with our trail conditions. At Bear Notch Ski Touring, we work hard to provide our skiers with the best conditions available.
Let us make a Bear Notch Believer out of you!
Rentals - ski and snowshoe available
X-C Lessons and Guided Snowshoe tours available

For more information and updated conditions call 374-2277
Looking for excellent cross country conditions?
We have them!


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