Friday, March 27, 2009



Good News Cross Country Skiers

While most touring center's are closing or offer marginal skiing, Bear Notch Ski Touring still has excellent trail conditions leaving from our base.

Come find out why our skiers are so impressed with our trail conditions. 

After receiving 114" snow so far this winter, our base is holding out excellent (no bare spots). We are grooming daily with both the renovator and tiller, the result is a nice machine groomed loose granular trail surface. 65 km open - 30km freshly groomed daily

Machine groomed wet granular surface on a 14"- 36" base.

Beginners: Our Scenic and Simple Saco River trails, Lower Fields, Upper Meadow, Waterfall Trail, East Pasture Loop are all freshly groomed and the views are awesome.

Intermediate and advanced skiers: Our 10 km Village Loop, Experimental Forest Trails and East Albany Brook Trail Network, are all freshly groomed and offer a sweet ski.

Rentals: (Ski and Snowshoe) - Lessons available by reservation

Let us make a Bear Notch Believer out of you!