Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fwd: bnst conditions


Good New Cross Country Skiers

There is still excellent cross country in the valley!

Come find out why skiing in the Bartlett snow belt is so exceptional.
Saturday's exceptionally warm temps melted a lot, but we still have
quality spring conditions!

You will have to ski it to believe it!

Grooming Daily - Loose Granular - Corn Snow trail surface

Novice Skiers: Our scenic and simple Saco River trails,

Upper Meadow and Lower Fields and East Pasture, snow coverage in this
area will be thin.

Intermediate and Advanced (Best skiing): Waterfall trail, East Albany
Brook Trail Network and Experimental Forest Trails are freshly groomed
and have excellent spring conditions. Our 10 km Village loop and Trail
#42 were groomed yesterday .

Rentals - ski and snowshoe available

X-C Lessons and Guided Snowshoe tours available

For more information and updated conditions call 374- 2277

Let us make a Bear Notch Believer out of you!