Saturday, February 28, 2009



Good News Cross Country Skiers

With over 100" of snowfall so far this season we survived yesterday's warm temps and rain very well.

Snow on our trails is very deep (28"-48"base) and will hold out nicely.

The freezing rain has left a glaze on the snow surface. We are out grooming with tiller and renovator. The result is Loose Granular - Wet Snow mix trail surface (very skiable). With today's wind we are concentrating our grooming on our Western Trail Network. This area offers excellent wind protection and great snow coverage. We are grooming for quality over quantity today. Give us until 10:00 AM and we will have 10km of nice skiing. We will continue to groom through out the day. Expect to have at least 25km groomed today.

Trails not groomed today will have an icy glaze on the surface

Let us make a Bear Notch Believer out of you.

Note: Novice skiers will love our Scenic and Simple Saco River Trails.

Rentals: ski and snowshoe are available

Lessons and Guided Nature Tours by reservation